Hot desking services for freelancers & consulting

Many of our tenants started business working from home, which can bring some financial benefits. However, there is often little separation between work and home life, not to mention a lack of inspiration associated with working in isolation. Select our hot desking services in Manchester City Centre and you’ll get a fully equipped, convenient location to work in where you’ll meet all kinds of interesting people on a day-to-day basis.Aside from meeting new people and the collaboration benefits this can bring, we also offer a suite of features, such as access to a private meeting room, impromptu events, free kitchen facilities and a breakout area to relax in.Our regular networking events are also hugely popular and a great way to make connections with others.

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A shared office with extras

Become a member of our shared office space to take advantage of attractively furnished workspaces with added extras, such as free tea and coffee, superfast broadband, a private room, networking events, virtual offices, and more. Available during business hours (9am to 5pm), hot desking members can access shared workspaces and all the networking benefits this brings. We are proud to support a variety of wonderful tenants from numerous industries, along with many other freelancers and consultants, so there’s a wealth of talent to tap into, all under one roof.

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